Realm Rank 2
Region Rank 482
World Rank 1421

8th Anniversary Party!

Dunnik a posted Sat at 13:58

The Iron Horde has Arrived!

Dunnik a posted Nov 13, 14

Warlords of Draenor, the 5th expansion pack for World of Warcraft, is now live on all servers!

Hellscream's Downfall

Sibelle a posted Oct 22, 14

We finally did it!  HM (Mythic) Garrosh Hellscream down!!  14/14 HM SOO!!

Siegecrafter's Fuse Blown

Sibelle a posted Aug 20, 14

8/20/14  HM Siegecrafter (25man)

12/14 HM-25 SoO!!

Fendahl Grats guys!

Thokasaurus Wrecked!

Sibelle a posted May 22, 14

5/22/14  HM Thok (25man)

11/14 HM-25 SoO!!

Continuing our tradition of Server 1st 25man!

#1 25man Guild on Alleria!

444th 25man Guild in the US to kill this fight!  (out of 1136 who have killed HM Immerseus-25man)

Angharad Well and truly thokked up!
Zeebs Fantastic effort and persistence by the guild as a whole. I'm proud to hold the <Fatal> tag.
Dunnik a Dead Dino!
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